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Kamnev R.V., Karasev A.G. Stages of formation and development of hand-to-hand fight systems

DOI: 10.5930/issn.1994-4683.2015.06.124.p87-90
Stages of formation and development of hand-to-hand fight systems
Roman Viktorovich Kamnev, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer,
Aleksey Grigoryevich Karasev, the lecturer,
Volgograd Academy of the Ministry of the Interior of Russia

Historical stages of development of the fight systems from ancient Mesopotamia until present time have been reviewed in the article. Various types of the hand-to-hand fights in ancient Russia, as well as up-to-data types of the single fights applied in professional and duty-related training of officers of defense and law enforcement bodies of Russia and foreign countries, have been reviewed in the article. The matter represented enables the carrying out of the comparative analysis of the modern types of hand-to-hand fights with ancient styles of fisticuffs that will allow projection of the fight systems further development. The conclusions obtained may serve as a starting point of development of those branches of science, which are concerned with professional training of defense and law enforcement bodies’ officers.
Keywords: hand-to-hand fight, fighting, training system, history of development.
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