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Guryev A.A., Bandukov V.V., Ovsyannikov A.N. Sitting volleyball – development prospects

DOI: 10.5930/issn.1994-4683.2015.06.124.p58-62
Sitting volleyball – development prospects
Alexander Alexandrovich Guryev, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer,
Valentin Vladimirovich Bandukov, the competitor,
Moscow state academy of physical culture, Malakhovka,
Alexander Nikolaevich Ovsyannikov, the head coach,
Russian women's team of sitting volleyball, Moscow

The article presents the general description of the sports event, its features, as well as the analysis of the rules of the sitting volleyball and comparison in relation to the rules of the classic volleyball. We describe the methods and perspectives of development of sitting volleyball.
Keywords: sitting volleyball, sitting-volleyball Paralympic players, Paralympic sport, Paralympic Games, rules for sitting volleyball, sport of "equal opportunities", classical volleyball.
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