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Pedagogical science

Pedagogical science 7
Ageevets V.U., Mosunov D.F. Problem of relationship between man and water 7
Anisimov M.P. Model for training to the technical actions of the young men in the mixed fighting single combat taking into account functional asymmetry 12
Apoyko R.N. Analysis of the performance of the leading St. Petersburg fighters at the Russian championship 2015 in Greco-Roman wrestling 16
Bagaev M.V. Development of the organizational forms of physical culture and sports management in Petrograd-Leningrad (1920-1929) 20
Borodin P.V., Tyutyukov V.G. Improvement of the physical training education process of the students of Far Eastern State Medical University via hardware and software-based systems 25
Bukov Yu.A., Georgieva N.G. School health-improving technologies and techniques of body-oriented therapy at lessons of physical education of the special medical group students 32
Vaynshteyn B.V., Abulkhanov A.N. Comparative analysis of the technical readiness of high qualification wrestlers in the Greco-Roman style by the rules 2012 and 2015 and in terms of applying by them the micro-start motions 37
Vikerchuk M.I. Methods of teaching for the visually impaired children to play chess on the example of the specialized boarding school 41
Gorbacheva V.V. Features of motor opportunities manifestation in the professionally applied physical education of students - sports managers 51
Grigorieva S.A., Borisova M.V. Influence of aqua aerobics on physical fitness of the female students of special medical group 55
Guryev A.A., Bandukov V.V., Ovsyannikov A.N. Sitting volleyball – development prospects 59
Dmitriev A.I., Kievskiy A.V., Pomaznoy R.V., Tsariev E.A. Main directions of the scientific-pedagogical staff work on development of cognitive activity and conscious attitude of the cadets to knowledge mastering 62
Dugin I.M. System-anthropological understanding upon regularities, principles, components and functions of the moral education of the students of educational institutions of the Ministry of Defense 67
Zakharova A.V., Berdnikova A.N., Tarbeeva A.N., Matvienko V.N. High intensity interval testing for fitness control of young football players 71
Zebzeev V.V. Informational database of preparedness of the Nordic combined skiers of different qualification 75
Ivanova M.O., Churikova L.N. Dynamics of indicators of students’ psychophysiological condition, practicing winter poliathlon, in a year cycle of preparation 80
Kazakova T.E. Evaluation of degree of readiness of athletes with musculoskeletal disorders for playing boccia 83
Kamnev R.V., Karasev A.G. Stages of formation and development of hand-to-hand fight systems 88
Karpov V.Yu., Marina N.V., Skorosov K.K. Theoretical and methodological aspects of the interfaced development of physical qualities and formation of technique of motion actions at girls of secondary school age 91
Kiselev A.G., Sivkova Yu.N., Novoselsky D.V., Sergeev G.A., Krinitsyn N.V. Experimental studying of functional state of biathlon athletes' central nervous system during alpha training 97
Kuvaldina E.V. Features of impact of the regulated occupations by physical culture on the organism of students 104
Kulekin I.V., Magomadov R.A. Dynamics of physical development and functional condition of systems of the organism of cadet- navigators of the I-IV courses 107
Kulikov V.G. Methodical approaches to the assessment of the health status of the participants of the training process in preparation and passing the GTO standards (ready for labor and defense) 111
Lavrentyeva D.A. Elementary swimming training methodology for the children of primary school age with allowance made for motor asymmetry 114
Lagutin A.B., Kochengina E.S. Initial sports training of children at preschool age 118
Laukhina I.V., Belozerskikh A.V., Nikolaeva E.M. Requirements imposed to the educational environment of branches of higher education institutions of Russia 124
Lukosiak Yu.P. Pre-revolutionary Russia sports journals growth (1860-1917) 128
Mikhailova I.V., Makhov A.S. Chess as competent type of sports: modern problems and methodological aspects 132
Moskalev O.A., Chemov V.V., Barabankina E.Yu. Rationalization of training process of the qualified sprinters in the preparatory period 141
Mustafayeva D.Sh. Application of the role game in education of the bachelors of pedagogical education 144
Nikitushkin V.G., Germanov G.N., Korolkov A.N. Rating of MGPU institutes by results of printing activities of the employees 149
Opletin A.A., Igoshev M.V. Psycho-emotional and physical estimation of health status of the student-engineers with the means of author program at physical culture lessons 156
Ponimasov O.E., Smirnova O.G. Methods of cascade economization of applied swimming technical elements 159
Rogozhnikova R.A., Vasilev A.A. Model for formation of the cadet’s conflictological culture as a basis for prevention of the international conflicts 163
Rysakova O.G., Makhov A.S. Value and structure of motives of the deaf Russian and foreign athletes to the snowboard practice 168
Semenov A.V. Technology of education to the moral and strong-willed qualities among the military personnel of Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia with application of single combats 173
Sinyavskiy N.I., Fursov A.V., Kamartdinova A.A. Monitoring of the physical fitness of the preschool children to the fulfilment of All Russian sports complex "Ready for Labor and Defense" 178
Spirina I.K., Ushakova O.E. Research of ability of preschool children to perceive and precisely estimate the volume and change of parameters of the movement 182
Struganov S.M. Management of educational and training process of the athletes in cyclic sports with use of innovative technologies 186
Terekhin V.S. Scientific substantiation of the basic techniques of the main course in acrobatic rock and roll based on the analysis of kinematic characteristics 190
Fedyakin A.A., Kuvaldina E.V. Planning of the regular physical education lessons considering the students’ fitness level 194
Chesnokov N.N., Zamogilnov A.I., Volodkin D.A. Research of the quality of the practical tour of the Olympiad in the subject “Physical Education” 197
Chemov V.V., Moskalev O.A., Barabankina E.Yu. Studying of extent of influence of various ergogenic means on the components of functional readiness of the average distances runners 207