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    The doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor,  honored worker of sciences of Russia,  full member of Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts. The deserved trainer of Russia, President, Chief research supervisor of Lesgaft UniversityTaymazov Vladimir Aleksandrovich (Hе was born in 1949) - The graduate of State twice ordered institute of physical culture named arter P.F.Lesgaft (1974).  The expert in the field of theory of formation of individual style of motor activity in sport as one of the displays of individually-psychological features of personal behavior.   The doctor of pedagogical sciences. The professor. The full member of Petrovsky Academy of Sciences and Arts. Не has  published more than 200 scientific works and  several monographs; he has copyright certificates and patents for 50 original devices, apparatuses and training simulators. He has prepared a significant amount of candidates and doctors of sciences. He has been awarded with the diplomas of University of San Francisco (USA), Institute of comparative physical culture of Montreal (Canada), Shanghai Institute of physical training  (Peoples Republic of China), medal of the Ministry of youth and sports of France for the essential contribution to the theory and sports practice . He is a founder of boxing department of St.-Petersburg state university of physical culture named after P.F.Lesgaft and Center of the Olympic preparation of boxers. The president of boxing Federation "Savat" of Russia..