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Sergeev A.A. Regulatory requirements for physical training of senior schoolchildren

DOI: 10.5930/issn.1994-4683.2012.05.87.p122-124
Regulatory requirements for physical training of senior schoolchildren
Alexander Alexandrovitch Sergeev, the post-graduate student,
The Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia St.-Petersburg
The traditional system of evaluation leads to a decrease in the level of physical training of pupils, in connection with it there is a need to design a new regulatory system (scoring system), which may stimulate students to achieve higher results in the classes of physical culture and prevent them from stopping on the achieved. This regulatory framework may satisfy with availability of appropriate regulations and opportunities of application of methods of mathematical statistics. When creating a new regulatory framework it was taken into consideration the level and dynamics of physical training of the studied contingent. This is due to the need in providing the availability of appropriate regulations. For building up the 100-point scale for assessment of physical training the percentile ranksmethodwas used. In the process of modeling of the system of examination and assessment of the physical fitness two optionshave been analyzed. As a source of data in the first variant, the results, shown by students under control and assessment of physical fitness,wereused. In the second case, as the baseline data served the results shown during examination under point system. The analysis of the obtained data indicates that the traditional system of examination and estimation of the results are grouped around the corresponding norm, and under the point system of assessment, the «checked» demonstrated individually-maximum results in separate exercises, getting higher overall assessment mark at summing up the results of complex tests.
Keywords: physical preparation, senior students, 100-point scale, individual maximum results.

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