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Rudenko G.V. Estimation of tendency to risk of the student – future mine rescuer

DOI: 10.5930/issn.1994-4683.2012.05.87.p108-112
Estimate of tendency to risk of the student – future mine rescuer
Gennady Viktorovich Rudenko, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer,
National Mineral Resources University, St.-Petersburg
The article offered the method for estimation of tendency to risk. For a basis of our technique, we chose a way of an assessment of tendency to risk (the patent for the invention of the Russian Federation No. 2289165, published 10.12.2006, bulletin No. 34). A lack of this way is low reliability of the results received without creation of controllable irritating load on nervous system of the examinee in a complex with high power loading.
We set the task to increase the reliability of results at the expense of creation of controllable irritating loading in a complex with high power loading. We suggested determining before the beginning of operations the power of electroskin irritation individually for each examinee by reaction to the tension submitted from an electrostimulator, and during carrying out the operations using no more than 70% from size  of the measured tension, and size of the maximum effort of compression of the manual electrodynamometer.
Technique check on validity was carried out with test «Tendency to risk according to G. Schubert» (Schubert's RSK test) with attraction of expert estimates. Researches showed that correlation on different samples (mine rescuers, miners, students of mountain specialties) made from 0,7 to 0,9 that testifies to prospects of the developed way of an assessment of tendency to risk.
Keywords: mine rescuer, testing, tendency to risk, professional suitability.
1.       Rudenko, G.V.and Chistyakov, V.A. (2012), "Modeling characteristics of psychophysical readiness of the graduate – the mine rescuer", Uchenye zapiski universiteta imeni P.F. Lesgafta, Vol. 86, No. 4, pp. 110-113.
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