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Rajevski D.A., Haratov V.S. Detection of predisposition as indicator of individual abilities of students to boxing occupation

DOI: 10.5930/issn.1994-4683.2012.05.87.p98-103
Detection of predisposition as indicator of individual abilities of students to boxing occupation
Dmitry Aleksandrovich Rajevski, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer,
Vladimir Sergeevich Haratov, the senior teacher,
State University of Management, Moscow
Object of the work. To improve the methods of students training using their predisposition as an index of individual ability in boxing. The following methods have been applied in the researches: analysis of special literature; pedagogic observation; pedagogic experiment; instrumental methods (dynamometry, chronometry, evaluation of the indices of speed and power, video, photo filming).
The tested persons were 30 students: 20 boys and 10 girls, who choose boxing as their specialization in physical culture. They were divided into two groups: test and control, 15 persons in each. The tested persons of the experimental group learnt the technique of fight and defense, taking into account their individual predisposition to the structure of the movements by hands and coordination of movements in whole. The possibility of execution of different exact movement at the rapidly changing situation of training and fight is one of the necessary qualities, which characterizes the boxer’s mastery. The development of individual manner of fighting with usage of atypical stereotype indices was contributed to by series of exercises with an accent on the differentiation of the muscle force. As a result, it permitted to establish an integral interrelation between the presence of sole data, not peculiar to others, and formation of the skills to solve tactical tasks in the ring.
Basic results. The experiment showed that the set and training of the technique of blows and defense depends on the presence of the individual predisposition to formation of the boxer’s skills.
Keywords: training of defensive and attacking actions on the basis of individual predisposition, dynamics of the functional activity under conditions of adaptation to physical loads, exactness of spatial orientation on sparring.
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