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Kobzev E.A. Research of clinic – psychological features of young men and girls with nicotine addiction

DOI: 10.5930/issn.1994-4683.2012.05.87.p46-50
Research of clinic – psychological features of young men and girls with nicotine addiction
Evgenie Anatolevich Kobzev, the senior lecturer,
Magnitogorsk State University
The article deals with the theoretical description, determination of tobacco addiction. It indicates personal properties, nervously psychological disturbances that can cause development of the tobacco addiction. In the real research among youth smoking male and female examinees, we found high indicators on scales of the technique of ONR (BVNK): "Fluctuation of intensity of complaints", "Abnormality in the digestion sphere", "Violation of the general sensitivity". It reveals significant differences in indicators of neurotic and behavioral aberrations between tobacco addict’s boys and girls. According to results of research the girls using nicotine are burdened more with hypochondria, phobia and hypo maniacal manifestationsthan young man.
Keywords: tobacco addiction, psychopathology, psychological disturbances, personal properties of smokers.
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