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Sivitsky V.A. Features of the competitive activity in dance sport

DOI: 10.5930/issn.1994-4683.2012.10.92.p146-150
Features of the competitive activity in dance sport
Vladimir Antonovich Sivitsky, the senior teacher,
The Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health, St.-Petersburg
In the system of long-term preparation of ballroom dancers there is a problem of adaptation processes formation in the organism of athletes of all ages to competitive pressures. The article reflects some aspects of the problem. In this regard, the analysis of the competition rules in the dance sport has been undertaken. The distinctive features, particular qualities of the competitive process have been analyzed. The requirements of the rules for the procedure of the competitions, execution timehave been identified. To obtain quantitative values of parameters of energy demands and rest at the competitions of different levels. To identify the functional systems condition in different periods of competitive activity and frequency of changes to these conditions. Objectives of the training process for the formation of the athletes body adaptation to the conditions of competitive activity have been defined.
Keywords: dancing sports, long-term preparation, competitive activity, mode of alternation of pauses and active actions, physiological processes, adaptation, interval training.
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