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Belokon V.O. Comparative characteristics of regulators of mental toughness in athletes of team and individual sports

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.7.p464-470
Comparative characteristics of regulators of mental toughness in athletes of team and individual sports
Veronika Olegovna Belokon, the leading psychologist, research laboratory for physical education and sports, Kuban State University of Physical Education, Sports and Tourism, Krasnodar

As a result of the research presented in the article, it was found that in team sports, mental toughness is increased by the components of emotional intelligence, conscious self-regulation of behavior and self-esteem of self-confidence. In individual sports, the level of mental toughness is regulated by the general level of emotional intelligence, modeling, independence and self-esteem indicators. Emotional and social intelligence in both samples of athletes contribute to the manifestation of coping strategies aimed at solving the problem and reduce the manifestation of escape strategies. At the same time, in team sports, under the influence of the parameters of emotional, social intelligence, conscious self-regulation and self-esteem, strategies for seeking social support and positive reassessment are enhanced, and in individual sports - taking responsibility and self-control.
Keywords: mental stability, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, conscious self-regulation of behavior, team sports, individual sports.
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