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Rafalovich A.B., Hasin L.A. Analysis of the spatio-temporal characteristics of the jerk of bar of weight-lifters of high qualification

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.7.p325-332
Analysis of the spatio-temporal characteristics of the jerk of bar of weight-lifters of high qualification
Aleksandr Borisovich Rafalovich, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior research associate, Leonid Aleksandrovich Hasin, the director, candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer; Scientific research Institute of Information Technologies of Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture, Malakhovka, Moscow region

The analysis was made of the spatio-temporal characteristics of jerk of highly qualified weightlifters. To find the characteristics of the barbell movement, there were used high-speed video recording of the jerk. When analyzing the technique, the exercise microstructure proposed by the authors was used, which includes, among other things, phases lasting less than 0.04 s. Using correlation analysis revealed group dependencies between the studied indicators. Indicators are identified that differ significantly in successful and unsuccessful competitive attempts of the jerk. An example of the analysis of the individual technique of the jerk according to spatio-temporal indicators is presented.
Keywords: spatio-temporal characteristics, diagnostics of the technique of the jerk, highly qualified weightlifters, high-speed video recording.
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