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Marandykina O.V., Volobuev A.L., Gladkikh A.M., Semibratov S.I. Pump-aerobics occupations influence on the students physical readiness

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.7.p236-242
Pump-aerobics occupations influence on the students physical readiness
Oksana Viktorovna Marandykina, the candidate of pedagogical science, senior lecturer, Moscow State Academy of Water Transport — branch of Admiral Makarov State University of Maritime and Inland Shipping, Moscow; Alexey Leonidovich Volobuev, the candidate of pedagogical science, the senior lecturer, Alexey Mikhailovich Gladkikh, the professor, Sergey Ivanovich Semibratov, the senior teacher, State University of Land Use Planning, Moscow

Strengthening of the youth health state at the present stage of development of physical culture and sport is one of the priority directions. In this regard the search of the innovative training means and methods, by means of which the increase the working capacity would be provided, including physical activity, is necessary, the commitment to the systematic educational and training occupations (ETO) took root at all appeal and compliance to requirements and interests of youth. Research objective – to develop the technique of carrying out ETO with primary use of pump-aerobics for students of 18-19 years. Research problems: 1. To develop the technique of carrying out ETO with primary use of pump-aerobics for students. 2. To show efficiency of the offered technique of carrying out occupations by means of assessment of its influence on level of physical readiness of students. Research methods: theoretical analysis of the scientific and methodical literature; pedagogical testing; pedagogical experiment; pulsometry, methods of variation statistics. Research organization. Research was carried out on the basis of the State University on land management and the Moscow state academy of water transport in 2019/2020 academic years. The offered technique was based on the method of power training with orientation to strictly consecutive performance of the complex of physical exercises, including system of exercises with pump, with resistance, with burdening, and also various attacks in movement, knee-bends, supersets. Results of research. ETO with primary use of pump-aerobics promoted positive dynamics of physical readiness of students. Indicators of force of muscles of humeral belt during experiment had similar positive dynamics in both groups. The percent of gain of examinees of CG for the entire period of experiment reliable below, then at examinees of EG and makes only 5,56%. In EG the growth of dynamics of indicators of physical readiness was authentically above; having made the gain according to two tests more than 100%. Conclusions. The offered ETO complex with primary use of pump-aerobics is focused on increase of level of physical readiness of the students, improvement of their functional indicators. Pump-aerobics occupations promote positive development of physical qualities of the students that is an important factor at delivery of standards VI-step of ARPSC GTO.
Keywords: pump-aerobics, training of students, physical readiness, development of physical qualities.
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