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Malyshev A.V., Alenurov E.A., Komarov M.N., Ivanov D.A. Demanded directions of health improving orientation active tourism in the Republic of Crimea

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.7.p225-231
Demanded directions of health improving orientation active tourism in the Republic of Crimea
Andrey Valentinovich Malyshev, the candidate of technical sciences, senior lecturer, Sochi State University; Eldar Asafovich Alenurov, the candidate of sociological sciences, senior lecturer, Mikhail Nikonorovich Komarov, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer, Russian State Social University, Moscow; Dmitriy Anatolyevich Ivanov, the teacher, Moscow State University of Psychology and education

Relevance of this research is caused by promoting of the active tourism directed on maintenance and formation of the population’s readiness to maintaining a healthy lifestyle, and also tourism and service development in Russia, focused on expansion of the seasonality functioning framework by the tourist enterprises and the tourism organizations, taking into account the developing epidemiological situation. Research objective – to develop technology of formation of fitness round to the Republic of Crimea and to reveal level of the demand at the vacationers.
Research problems: 1. To execute sociological poll for the purpose of identification of consumer preferences on services and service forms in the Crimea. 2. To develop technology of formation of fitness-tour to the Republic of Crimea. Research methods: analysis of the scientific and methodical literature, sociometric methods: the poll and questioning, pedagogical experiment, methods of mathematical statistics. Results of research. Being guided by consumer preferences in the tourism and service sphere, revealed as a result of conducted survey, the technology of formation of fitness-tour to the city of Yalta at the Republic of Crimea has been offered. "Harmony and symmetry" includes offered week fitness-tour: yoga, the dancing direction, the sports master classes, training and cultural programs and many other things. Tour costs to one person is around 55,720 rub. Conclusions. The offered technology of fitness-tour will allow tour operators to expand the offered range of the directions and types of internal tourism, and also to come to the new segment of consumers – clients of the fitness-centers and to expand the clients base.
Keywords: active tourism, Republic of Crimea, sociological poll, consumers preferences, tourism and service.
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