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Aliev E.G. Development problems of women's mini-football (futsal) in the Russian Federation

DOI: 10.34835/issn.2308-1961.2020.7.p7-10
Development problems of women's mini-football (futsal) in the Russian Federation
Emil Gumetovich Aliev, the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor, President, Mini-Football Association of Russia, Moscow

The article examines the current problems of development of such a kind of football as women's mini-football (futsal) in the Russian Federation. The data of the sociological study conducted with the participation of the employees of the regional football federations, physical culture and sports governing bodies of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, coaches of national teams and club teams of the country are presented. In total, 68 specialists who are directly involved in the development of this modification of football took part in the survey. The results obtained made it possible to identify the main limiting factors in the development of women's mini-football (futsal) in our country at the present stage, as well as to determine their hierarchy, which, of course, makes it possible for physical culture and sports organizations to critically evaluate their activities and develop specific measures to improve it for the next decade.
Keywords: mini-football (futsal), development, problems, optimization.
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