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Zharkih A.A., Dazmarov N.M., Gursky A.V., Smirnov S.N., Arkanov Yu.M. Psychological features of failures of athletes specializing in game sports

Psychological features of failures of athletes specializing in game sports
Alexandra Anatolyevna Zharkih, the candidate of psychological sciences, senior lecturer, Nikolai Mikhailovich Dazmarov, the senior lecturer, Alexander Viktorovich Gursky, the senior lecturer, Sergey Nikolaevich Smirnov, the senior lecturer, Yuri Makarovich Arkanov, the senior lecturer, The Academy of the Law and Management of Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia, Ryazan

The athletes specializing in game sports are mainly characterized by expressiveness of the second type of the personality according to L.N. Sobchik with dominance of the emotionality and extraversion. Individual and typological features of athletes of game sports affect their character and frequency of expressiveness of failures in the period of the strengthened training process and responsible competitions. The article deals with the interrelation of expressiveness of individual and typological features – emotionality, stan chest, sensitivity, extraversion, spontaneity, rigidity, uneasiness with different failures of psychological character: withdrawal reactions, increase of conflictness, affective reactions, stupor status, activity disorganization, "flight in a disease" and also with the probability of achievement of high sports qualification, and ability to be mobilized during the responsible competitions.
Keywords: game sports, individual and typological features, disruptions during intensive training period and responsible competitions.
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  2. Sobchik, L.N. (2008), The identity psychology. Theory and practice of psychodiagnosis, Speech, St. Petersburg.
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