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Spataeva M.H., Stremaus G.O. Significance of stress factors affecting sportsmen in weightlifting during a competitive period

Significance of stress factors affecting sportsmen in weightlifting during a competitive period
Marina Halibillaevna Spataeva, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer, Siberian Automobile and Highway University, Omsk; Galina Oktyabrinovna Stremaus, the senior teacher, Omsk State Technical University

The article presents the results of the study of stress factors affecting athletes during the competition. The rank of leading stress factors for athletes before the start, as well as a change in their importance for weightlifters after the competition has been established. The results of the studies indicate that before the competition, for the athletes the most significant from the stress factors there are such ones as failure at the start and biased refereeing. After the competition, the importance of stress factors varies depending on the result of the performance of athletes.
Keywords: weightlifting, stress factor, psycho-functional state.
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