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Safarova N.A., Prokopenko L.A. Analysis of students' motivation to physical education (on the example of Russian universities)

Analysis of students' motivation to physical education (on the example of Russian universities)
Narmin Abid kizi Safarova, the student,
Larisa Anatolyevna Prokopenko, candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer,
Technical Institute (branch) of North-Eastern Federal University, Neryungri

Despite the efforts of the state and public organizations, the problem of the students' motivation to attend compulsory classes in physical culture and sports remains and is relevant. Analysis of the studies in various Russian universities in general showed that students are positive about classes. The motives for attending classes are primarily health and aesthetic, namely, maintaining good health and the desire to have a beautiful toned body. But the administrative motive is of considerable concern, because for some students, attendance of the physical education classes is still voluntary and compulsory.
Keywords: health motive, cultural motive, administrative motive, motivation for physical education.
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