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Reutskaya E.A., Pinyagin P.Yu. Evaluation of speed-power possibilities of skiers in field testing

Evaluation of speed-power possibilities of skiers in field testing
Elena Alexandrovna Reutskaya, the candidate of biological sciences,
Pavel Yurievich Pinyagin, the post-graduate student,
Siberian State University of Physical Education and Sports, Omsk

For the successful training process in cross-country skiing, monitoring the physical fitness of athletes is required. In order to effectively assess the speed and power capabilities of skiers in real conditions, a test ‘skiing 100 m double-polling’ was proposed. The simplicity of the test allows it to be used in the practice of skiing coaches for the stage controlling of speed-strength capabilities of skiers. Check of the test for the informativeness and reliability showed that proposed test meets the necessary conditions.
Keywords: skiing, skiers, speed-strength capabilities, special physical level controlling, field testing.
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