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Onchukova E.A., Svechkareva E.A. Methods of improving the physical fitness of female volleyball players aged 18–21 years old by means of fitness

Methods of improving the physical fitness of female volleyball players aged 18–21 years old by means of fitness
Elena Ilyinichna Onchukova, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer,
Elena Anatolyevna Svechkareva, the master student,
Kuban State University of Physical Culture Sports and Tourism, Krasnodar

The article presents the experimental data on the evaluation of the effectiveness of the use of fitness tools in the training process of female volleyball players. The development of volleyball places high demands on the universal training of players, both physically and technically and tactically. The optimal distribution of sports training and its individual components is essential for the quality of the organization of the training process, which leads to significant time savings to achieve the planned sporting result. On the basis of taking into account the needs of the training process, a method of increasing the level of physical fitness based on the use of functional training was developed. As a result of the pedagogical experiment, significantly better results were obtained in terms of physical fitness of girls-volleyball players of the experimental group.
Keywords: physical training, means of improving physical culture, fitness, volleyball girls.
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