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Mahmood L.H., Mironenko I.N. Test “double jump-jumping off from a height of 40 cm” to assess explosive and reactive forces

Test “double jump-jumping off from a height of 40 cm” to assess explosive and reactive forces
Lobna Haidar Mahmood, the post-graduate student, Syrian Arab Republic; Igor Nikolaevich Mironenko, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer, Russian State University of Physical Culture, Sport, Youth and Turizm, Moscow

The aim of the study was to determine the possibility of obtaining the information, when performing one test, about the level of two components (explosive and reactive forces) of speed-strength preparedness of 20 young female jumpers aged 15-16 years old. Using the test allows you to instantly get results about the state of each of their two components (explosive and reactive forces) speed-strength preparedness of the neuro-muscle system of athletes. The test “double jump-jumping off from a height of 40 cm on the take-off leg” has a reliable average level of correlation (r > 0.49–0.64), both with the results in the running long jump and the results in the sprint run. The length of the first jump, evaluating the explosive force, has a higher coefficient of correlation with the result in the long jump. The result of the second jump, evaluating the reactive force, is more interconnected with the speed preparedness of the athletes.
Keywords: test, explosive force, reactive force, deep-jump, jump.
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