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Lutsenko N.O. Advantages and risks of introducing modern information technologies into the higher education system

Advantages and risks of introducing modern information technologies into the higher education system
Nikita Olegovich Lutsenko, the candidate of political sciences, senior teacher,
Lomonosov Moscow State University

The modern society development is characterized by the constant and widespread introduction of information technologies, this trend has also affected the higher educational sphere, for which the use of IT in the learning process is becoming one of the important competitive advantages. This aspect of the educational transformation in Russian universities is even more relevant in connection with the arrival of the grown-up representatives of the so-called generation Z, whose life from the very first years passed under the influence of constantly improving computer and mobile services. The transition to the concept of "blended learning education" has been outlined in many universities, which allows us to draw some conclusions and highlight a number of the advantages and disadvantages of this approach in the educational system. This article discusses the positive and negative aspects of introducing an online component in learning process, substantiates its importance for the future development of the education system.
Keywords: information technology in the education system, higher education, blended learning.
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