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Eroshenko I.A., Nizovtseva Yu.Ya., Manzhela M.V., Nikolaev E.V., Dolgov A.A. Breathing exercises for students during therapeutic physical training

Breathing exercises for students during therapeutic physical training
Irina Aleksandrovna Eroshenko, the senior teacher, Yulia Yakovlevna Nizovtseva, the teacher, Maksim Vladimirovich Manzhela, the senior teacher, Evgeniy Vladimirovich Nikolaev, the senior teacher, Arkady Aleksandrovich Dolgov, the senior teacher, Volgograd State Technical University

The article raises a popular nowadays issue of health, breathing exercises are especially noted. The authors recommend for the students to apply the breathing exercises to prevent a number of diseases. Because such practices are used in health facilities and sanatoriums – dispensaries, they show the effectiveness in the battle against respiratory diseases, overweight, autonomic nerve disorders and neurosis. At the same time, breathing exercises are simple and do not require additional equipment. The authors not only cover the methodology of breathing exercises, but also talk about their contraindications.
Keywords: breathing exercises, breathing practice, medical physical culture.
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