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Erofeev S.D., Larina T.G., Fedorenkov S.Yu., Feryabnikova N.V., Andrianova R.I., Lenshina M.V. Women's basketball club "Spartak" – 70 years: history, traditions, modern look for the future

Women's basketball club "Spartak" – 70 years: history, traditions, modern look for the future
Sergey Davydovich Erofeev, the Deputy General Director of BC Spartak Noginsk; Tatyana Genrikhovna Larina, MSMK, the head coach; Sergey Yuryevich Fedorenkov, the Honored Coach of Russia; Nelly Vasilyevna Feryabnikova, two-time Olympic champion, the Honored Coach of Russia, BC Spartak Noginsk; Raisa Igorevna Andrianova, MS, the sports instructor, candidate of pedagogical sciences, teacher, State University of Management, Moscow; Marina Vitalyevna Lenshina, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer, Voronezh State Institute of Physical Culture

This year marks one of the most titled and oldest basketball clubs in Russia - Spartak Noginsk. The club has a rich history and many years of tradition. Over the years of its work, well-known athletes and coaches have been trained. At the present stage, the women's basketball team plays in the strongest league in Russia - the Premier League, is a member of the European Cup. The reserve teams of the club also demonstrate a stable and high-quality game.
Keywords: sports club "Spartak", famous basketball players, history, traditions, achievements.
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