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Kolykhmatov V.I. Teacher professional development in the era of digital education

eacher professional development in the era of digital education
Vladimir Igorevich Kolykhmatov, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, senior lecturer,
Leningrad Regional Institute of Education Development, St. Petersburg

In the article the conceptual directions of the modern teacher professional development in the era of digital education are considered. Features of transformation of the system of continuous teacher education, as well as creation of the centers for the continuous improvement of teacher’s professional skills are reviewed. There have been identified the main requirements for the development of the teacher’s IT skills, the replenishment of the existing professional deficits, and the key contradictions in the modern school that hinder the development of the digital technologies in education.
Keywords: teacher, professional development, continuous pedagogical education, professional competencies, digitalization of education, digital educational environment, IT, IT skills.
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