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Sidorenko O.A., Petrov D.M., Barabankina E.Yu. Research of features of technique of sprint running at first-year cadets

Research of features of technique of sprint running at first-year cadets
Oleg Alexandrovich Sidorenko, the police lieutenant colonel, senior teacher, Dmitry Mikhailovich Petrov, the senior lieutenant of police, teacher, Academy MIA of Russia, Volgograd; Elena Yurievna Barabankina, the candidate of pedagogical sciences, deputy director, Specialized Children's and Youth Sports School of Olympic Reserve No. 5, Volgograd

The article is devoted to studying the sprinting technique parameters among the first-year students engaged and not engaged in athletics. A comparative analysis of the kinematic characteristics of sprinting, allowing identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the running technique among the boys and girls involved and not involved in sports and on the basis of the data we can make appropriate adjustments to the training process for the first-year cadets.
Keywords: sprinting technique, performance evaluation, kinematic characteristics.
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