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Tabakov A.I., Konovalov V.N. Statokinetic stability stabilometric indicators for hockey players of different ages (on the example of statokinesiogram area and pressure center movement speed)
Tabakov S.E. Methodology of teaching students to safely fall on hard covering in the "Self-defense" course program
Tabakov S.E. Theoretical and methodical aspects of inclusion bases of sambo in the program of training and advanced training of flight attendants
Tabakov S.E., Lomakina E.V. Main aspects of approbation of standard requirements to "self-defense without weapon" of the IV-VI levels of the All-Russian sports complex "Ready for labor and Defense"
Tagirova N.D., Subbotina A.S., Ushakova I.A. Analysis of adaptation of foreign students to physical load at physical classes in mixed groups
Tagirova N.P., Zainullin Sh.R., Kudyasheva A.N., Valinurov R.R. Effectiveness of the martial arts application (wrestling) at physical training lessons
Taimasov V.A., Michno L.V. The methods of training and professional perfection of the specialists in icehockey
Taimasov V.A., Michno L.V. The pedagogical aim as the systematic factor of the training and perfection process the specialists in hockey with the puck
Taimazov A.V., Kolesnik V.P., Sokolova F.M., Kulagin B.P. Comparative evaluation of structural organization of high performance sport in the countries – leaders in winter sports
Taisheva M.M., Jakovleva A.I., Mosunova M.D. The assessment of physical development of children in preschool age by average values of endurance factor
Taisheva M.M., Yakovleva A.I., Gorbunova T.V. Development of the physical capacity of preschool children on the basis of multilevel approach
Tajmazov A.V., Gotovtsev I.I., Kulagin B.P., Tsvetkov S.A. Role of innovation in high performance sport and their impact on the outcome in biathlon
Tajmazov A.V., Gulyaev M.D., Tsvetkov S.A., Gotovtsev I.I. On the effect of the geomagnetic field (GMF) for adaptation possibilities sportsmen of high qualification
Tajmazov A.V., Tsvetkov S.A., Bukharin V.A., Gotovtsev I.A. Improving mental and physical health of the fighters by harmonization of methods of correction
Tajmazov A.V., Tsvetkov S.A., Gotovtsev I.I., Kulagin B.P. Framework of nanotechnology for achieving the objective advantages of biathlon national teams of Russia at the winter Olympic Games in Sochi 2014
Tajmazov V.A., Solodkov A.S. Physiology department of Lesgaft National State University of Physical Education, Sport and Health, St.-Petersburg - 90 years
Tajmazov V.A., Stepanov V.S., Davidenko D.N., Sokolov V.G., Sklyars S.V. The general physical culture education and culture of health of students of higher educational institutions
Talamova I.G., Zhidkov B.V., Melnikova J.A. Accounting for the individual profile of young athlete when modeling the training process in adaptive karate-do
Talibov A.H. Change of morphofunctional indicators of athletes` organism during the remote periods
Talibov A.H. Changes in echocardiography of athlete under the influence of a single, different by nature loads
Talibov A.H. Dependence of the echocardiographic parameters on the age and duration of sports occupations
Talibov A.H. Dynamics echocardiographic indicators depending on age of the surveyed sportsmen
Talibov A.H. Features of the echocardiographic indicators depending on athletes` qualification
Talibov A.H. Some physiological indicators of intracardial haemodynamics of sports veterans according to the echocardiography depending on motor activity
Talibov A.H. The peculiarities of blood circulation under the different physical loads depending on the level of fitness of athlets
Talibov A.H., Dzhalilov S.A., Dmitrieva E.S. Dynamics of health state and physical development of athletes in the process of long-term training
Talibov A.H., Fadeykin M.A., Dmitriyeva E.S. Evaluation criteria for the echocardiographic indices among the athletes
Talibov A.H., Grishaev N.V., Lapikov D.V. Biomechanical analysis of technical readiness of athletes in athleticism (on the example of kettlebell lifting)
Talibov A.H., Lukmanov Yu.Kh., Tomashev N.M., Grishaev N.V. Current control of the functional state of athletes involved in athleticism based on biochemical control (for example, weightlifting)
Talibov A.H., Polyanichko M.V. Indicators of non-adaptive remodeling of the myocardium of left ventricle among athletes of various sports
Talibov A.H., Tomilov V.V. Boosting effectiveness of technical preparation of beginning weightlifters
Talibov A.H., Vinogradov G.P., Surkov A.N., Zverev V.D. Control of some biomechanical characteristics of the movements of the athlete and projectile when going under the bar in athleticism (for example, weightlifting)
Talibov A.H., Zverev V.D., Surkov A.N., Kuzmov A.M. Use of supporting equipment in powerlifting for exercise squat with a barbell on the shoulders
Talibov A.Hk., Grishaev N.V. Some problem of organizing comprehensive control of the training process in athleticism (on the example of kettlebell lifting)
Talibov A.K., Aksenov V.P. Complex control in training process of top lifters
Talibov A.Kh., Dzhalilov P.B., Kazarinova L.V. Correction of the training load of powerlifters based on biochemical control