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Ibragimov I.F., Demenev S.V., Dits S.G., Richter I.K., Gabdrakhmanov R.F., Evseeva A.R. Teaching the basics of biomechanics of human movements to university students during the classes of the scientific club
Ibragimov I.F., Zaitsev V.A., Khasanzyanov I.I., Minebaev N.K., Fomina E.V., Zalyalieva O.V. Powerlifting and its positive impact on the mental and physical development of adolescents with mild mental retardation
Ibragimov V.R., Lukashevich R.V., Bryantsev A.A., Fomichev V.D., Petrenko Ya.S., Mazurenko E.A. Evaluation of the strength of the hands among the arm wrestlers of different qualifications
Ibragimov V.R., Lukashevich R.V., Chashkova O.Yu., Sinelnikova N.A. Factors influencing the motivation of the learning process on the example of Kuban State Technological University
Ibragimov V.R., Petrenko Ya.S., Mazurenko E.A., Bluzhin I.A., Fedorova N.P., Voroshilova I.S. Comparison of strength indicators of the forearms of arm-wrestlers with the use of kettles in the training process
Ibragimov V.R., Petrenko Ya.S., Mazurenko E.A., Kovtun R.I., Nizhivenko V.N. Tikhomirova T.V. Influence of students' nutrition on mental and physical activity on the example of Kuban State Technological University
Ibragimova O.V. On the readiness of the future manager to use information technology management in professional work
Ibraymov A.E. Methods of ensuring the self-education of teachers of physics on the basis of independent acquiring of knowledge
Ibraymov A.Ye. Organization of training courses for prosecutor's office workers in remote and mixed forms
Idiatullina L.E., Kirillova Ya.V. Formation of professional position of students in the university of physical culture: problems and possible ways of solution
Idriev A.I. The teacher’s management technique of fast-moving - power training of young football players at the age of 15-17
Ierusalimova M.V., Kalinina T.V., Kazakova O.A., Ivanova L.A. Organization of independent motor activity of preschool children during the pandemic
Ierusalimova M.V., Kazakova O.A., Nenasheva E.V., Ivanova L.A. Application of “Fredel's Gifts” in the system of preschool education – an innovative form of cooperation of preschool institutions
Ignashin E.A. Use of educational technology tools and training methods to improve the physical fitness of students, alumni to combat duty
Ignatieva V.Ya. Young handballers throw development
Ignatov O.V. Methodical foundations of increasing the physical preparedness of children at young school age to passing norms of the complex “Ready for Labour and Defense”
Ignatushkin R.G., Bondarenko K.K. Formation of coordination abilities of preschool children by means of football
Ignatushkin R.G., Bondarenko K.K. Parameters of development of the basic motor qualities of young football players
Ignatyeva I.V., Zedgenizova I.I., Litvinova Zh.B. Formation of legal consciousness in the context of "group-centered" leadership
Ignatyeva I.V., Zedgenizova I.I., Litvinova Zh.B. Problems of self-organization of modern youth in the process of internet communication
Igolkin R.E., Jagodkin G.A. Pedagogical technology of vocational training of cadets of airborne troop’s higher school to performance of fighting tasks
Ihtisanov I.I., Petkin A.V. Readiness of military institute cadets to administrative activity
Ikhsanov I.S., Aydarov R.A. The results of monitoring of higher school students’ readiness to perform the obligatory tests of the complex “Ready for Labor and Defense” (based on the results of tests in autumn, 2015)
Ilicheva O.V., Belikov K.K., Molodtsov A.D. Improvement of special motor abilities of boxers aged 17-18 years old in the competitive period of the annual training cycle
Ilicheva O.V., Sirakovskaya Ya.V., Kuzheleva M.S. Application of the proprioceptive training program in the physical training of figure skaters aged 14-15 years old
Ilicheva O.V., Sirakovskaya Ya.V., Kuzheleva M.S. Correction and prevention of flat feet among the 15-16-year-olds in health-improving classes of power orientation
Ilichyova O.V., Sirakovskaya J.V. Formation of special coordination abilities of schoolchildren aged 11-12 years engaged in Russian lapta on the basis of development of psycho-physiological functions
Ilichyova O.V., Sirakovskaya J.V., Yezhova A.V. Effectiveness of methods of development of explosive strength of muscles of lower limbs and jumping ability of 16-17 years old basketball players with flat feet
Ilichyova O.V., Sirakovskaya Ya.V., Laptev A.V. Functional training of basketballers aged 17-18 years aimed at increasing reserves of their cardiovascular system and physical workability
Ilichyova O.V., Sirakovskaya Ya.V., Lukyanova E.V. Methods of development of proprioceptive sensitivity of 13-15 years old riders at the training stage
Ilichyova O.V., Sirakovskaya Ya.V., Shkireva O.V. Development of coordination abilities of young hockey players aged 9-10 years old taking into account the typological properties of the nervous system
Ilichyova O.V., Sirakovskaya Ya.V., Zavyalov A.V. Method of teaching young weightlifters to proper breathing under performance of competitive exercises
Ilina N.L. Body image-building among the boys aged 9-11 years
Ilina N.L., Egorenko L.A. Paradigmal “errors” of athletes
Ilina N.L., Egorenko L.A. Role of sport and physical activity in prevention of inadequate body image among children
Ilina N.L., Khvatskaya E.E., Berezovskaya R.A., Melnikova N.B., Puzanova K.I. Difficulties of realization of double careers at the stage of training in the university